Check Aadhar Card Update Status by URN Number Online

Aadhar Card Update Status: Aadhar Number is the unique identification number for all Indian citizens having 12 digits. It provides by UIDIA- Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). According to it, about 75 Million people enrolled for Aadhar Card.
If you read the previous article, then you know that after updating Aadhar card, you will get a URN number. Using it, you can track the update of your Aadhar card update status. But how? So in this article, we will show you step by step process to Check Aadhar Update Status Online at SSUP- Aadhar Update Process Portal.
Before we move to the steps, first let discuss what URN number received after you submit your application for an update is.

What is URN Number?

The full form of URN is Unique Request Number, and you get it when you submit your Aadhar correction or Update Application. The URN is needed to check the Aadhar Card Update Status online. At SSUP you have to provide your Aadhar card number and URN number to check it. With this URN number, we can make any Changes in the details, too. So it works as a reference number and hence necessary to save it for future use.

How to Check Aadhar Update Status By URN Number?

Step 1:
 Visit the official website of UIDAI from the link given below:

Step 2:
 Next, choose Aadhar Update Status option.
Step 3:
 Click on Check Aadhar Update Status
Step 4:
 Now, enter URN number in the respective field.
Step 5:
 In the next box, enter captcha code and press enter.
So if your Aadhar card is corrected successfully then, you can download your new eAadhar card. But if it is under process, then you have to wait for few more days and check again.

What Are The Probable Reasons For Rejection Of Aadhar Card?

It is possible that your Aadhar Card updates online Application Get Rejected, and you can find it from the status you get on your screen:
‘Under Review’
If you see ‘Rejected,’ the following are the possible reason behind the rejection of your card:
 Incorrect details submitted.
 Inadequate documents were submitted.
 Human error when filling the request form.

Do not worry, if it rejected as you can re-apply for it. For that visit the nearby Aadhar card office and give all your required details, fill the form and Self-attested the documents.


It is all about for this article Check Aadhar Card Update Status by URN Number Online. We hope you find it useful. In case of any doubts, contact us using the comment section given below. Thank you!