Download E-Aadhar: Check Aadhar Card Status And Update It!

Do you look for download Aadhar card or e-Aadhar card? Or you want to know what e-aadhar is? Or how to download e-aadhar? If yes then you are at right place because in this article we will discuss the same. Even we will cover the topics like why we need aadhar card and way to download e-aadhar card and many more.



Aadhar card is unique identity card for Indian citizens like other countries to identify their identity among the foreigners and others.

Aadhar is an initiative of the Indian government which was started in January 2008, and Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is responsible for managing the entire enterprise. Indian citizens who apply for the Aadhar card to get the 12-digits of the UID or unique identification number with a card named as Aadhar card.




If you want to download E-Aadhar card, then do not worry it is a very easy process. But note that you can download it only if you already applied for it earlier. Once you completed the application process, follow the steps given below to download E-Aadhar card:

Step 1:To Download E-aadhar Go to the link given below and visit the official site of UIDAI:

Step 2:  As you go to the official site, you have to select between three option like I have “Enrolment Id,” “VID” or “Aadhar.”


Step 3: Select the relevant option from these three. If you have Aadhar card number, then select aadhar option. If you have virtual id number then select VID and if your aadhar card isn’t delivered then select “Enrolment ID.”

Step 4: Now, enter the Enrolment ID/aadhar number/VID as it is givenon the slip or card.

Step 5: Next, enter the full name written on the slip and then enter your pin code.

Step 6: Now, enter the security code.

Step 7: Once you click on request OTP option, a message will receive on your registered mobile number. So keep your mobile with you while you follow this process.

Step 8:Type OTP in the respective box, and click on “Download E-Aadhar” tab.


Step 9: Your e-aadhar card download will start and completes in few seconds. Now click on PDF file of the e-aadhar card. Here you have to provide a password to open the pdf.

Step 10:Download e-aadhar And After you need The password! Which is of 8 digits and combination of your name and your birth year. That is entered first four letter of your name in capital letter and then enter the birth year.

For example, my name is khushboo Patel, and my birth date is 27/09/1993, then my password will KHUS1993.



With the time, there are many things executed by the UIDAI. They make their service better and better day by day, so the citizens don’t face any type problems at time Applying,

Step 1:
 First note that to update Aadhar card, you need your aadhar number. If you don’t have, then you can get it either from the customer care.
Step 2:
 Now, go to the Aadhar center near your home or office and provide the proof of the thing which you want to change. For example, if you want to change your address then give proof of address change or recent electricity bill, bank statement, water bill, or telephone bill.
Step 3:
 You do not need photographs or any other id as a proof
Step 4:
 They will re-scan your biometric that is your fingerprint and retina and take your photograph.
Step 5:
 Regarding the submission, you will receive a message from UIDAI, and within few days your Aadhar card will be updated.
 If you don’t receive any message, then contact Aadhar self-service update portal-SSUP.



If you have applied for the Aadhar card, then only you can check the aadhar status to know what is going on with it. To do it, follow the step by step guide given below:
Step 1: Go to the official site of UIDAI from the link given below:

Step 2: Now from the enrollment slip, enter the enrolment number and date/time/hour as it is.


Step 3: Next, enter captcha code or security code


Step 4:  After filing all the information correctly, enter on the “Check Status” tab.

Step 5:  In case it doesn’t show the result then re-check the information you filled or retype it.



It is compulsory to link your aadhar card with your another id card so that you can get all the information of a person from a single unique number. So it is a one-stop solution that will be used to recognize the Indian citizens in India.
Method 1:
The easiest method provided by the UIDAI is SMS process. The texting service lets you send a message from your registered number to the UIDAI that will link your voter id card. To Link Aadhar Card with Your Voter ID, follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Take your mobile with the register mobile number and type a message: Space

Step 2:Send this message to 166 OR 51969.

Step 3:You will receive a message with confirmation number from the Unique Identification Authority of India.

Method 2:
Step 1:First, keep your Aadhar card and Voter ID card with you.

Step 2:Now dial a number 1950. Note that they work from 10 AM – 7 PM on working days and weekends, they work from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Step 3:Once you dial a number, a customer representative will connect with you and ask you to provide the information related to your aadhar card and voter id card. Once you give your correct information, all done!

Method 3:
If you have little technical knowledge, then follow this method.
Step 1:First, visit the official site of NVSP from the link given below:

Note: If you are not pro level person in Hindi, then you can also translate this page into English using Google Chrome inbuilt option. For more information check the image given below:

Step 2:Fill all the correct information in the respective blank space carefully. Note that check all information twice and then fill it. Name: type your name as per your voter id card
1. Age: Displayed on your card
2. Gender
3. Father’s/ Husband’s name: it is optional to fill or not
4. State and District: you can select from the list or pick the map option, it will identify your location as well as district name.
5. Assembly Constituency: Google it, if you don’t know!

Step 3:Enter the captcha code or security code and click on the Search tab.


Step 4:You can see a linking option. Here use your Aadhar card details and complete the process.


We all know that we have to link our Aadhar card with pan card, Bank account number, Gas account, etc. Even they also want to make mandatory to connect your unique identification card with your network, but after the court’s decision, now it is not compulsory to link your aadhar card with your mobile number. In case if you are looking for the same thing then follow the steps given below to link mobile number and aadhar card.

Visit your nearest network office like Vodafone, Tata, Airtel, Jio, Telenor, etc. with your Aadhar card copies. So will collect all your information and within a few hours, your aadhar card is linked to your mobile number.

Method 2:
Here what you have to do is visit your nearest Aadhar card center and give your mobile number with your aadhar card details in the form.
They will rescan your fingerprints and retina and re-take your photograph and save all the changes.

Within few days, your mobile number will update. Even for some network, you can link your aadhar card and mobile number over the phone, too.


With regular updates of UIDAI official website and process, Enrolling for a new Aadhar card is very easy for the citizens, at any time and any place. To confirm your identity, you need few things which are not a notable issue in this case. Do not worry we will describe you the process step by step with images.

Step 1:
First, you need to provide three type of proofs, and they are given as below:
1. Proof of name
2. Date of birth proof
3. Address Proof

To confirm your name, you can use the following proof:
a. You’re Passport
b. Ration Card
c. Valid driving license
d. PAN card
e. Voter ID
f. Arms License
g. Government Photo ID Cards.
h. If you work in NREGS, then you must have a Job Card.
i. Photo ID Issued by a Recognized Educational Institution
j. An ATM Card with your photo on it
k. Kissan card with your photo
l. Pensioner’s Photo Card.

You can use any of the following ID as an Address proof:
a. Electricity bill
b. Telephone bill
c. Bank statement delivered to your address
d. Insurance policy delivered to your address

You can use following id proof for confirming your date of birth:
a. SSC Certificate or Intermediate marks sheet
b. School leaving certificate
c. Passport
d. Birth certificate
e. An affidavit with Group a Gazetted Officer signature on a letterhead
f. A certificate with Group a Gazetted Officer signature on a letterhead.

Step 2:Now with available id proof visit your nearest Aadhar center, and rest of the process will carry out at the desk of office:

First, fill the form they give it to you. Do not worry all the details you will find in your documents

Once you submit your form; they will scan your fingerprints and retina. They will also take your photograph at the center.
After that, they will give you a slip which is known as enrollment slip. Keep it in a safe place until you receive your aadhar card. In case of any queries, the enrollment slip will require.


It is all about this article. We hope after reading this article, you will get all of your answers you are searching for reading this. Even if you have any questions related to download e-aadhar or checking status or any other query related to topics, you can use our comment box. We will love to help you. Thank you for reading!
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