State Bank Samadhaan: How to Download SBI Samadhaan App

samadhaan app : Banks are only one part of the world of financial institutions, standing beside investment banks, finance companies, insurance companies, investment managers and many other companies which gain from the establishment and flow of money.  In the techniques of financial mediator, the bank stands within depositors, that give capital and borrowers which demand capital.  Given how many wealth and individual and commerce rests on normal banks, banks are also the ultimate standardized business in the world.

The State bank of India is the highest and the oldest Bank and a main regarding balance sheet size, market capitalization, number of branches and profits. Apart from banking, State bank of India has also entered into a new deal strategic link-ups-  general security, Pension money,  Custodial services, Personal Equity, Mobile banking, Point of Sale Retailer purchase, designed products, etc. each of these activities having a large potential for growth.

With its new banking models, it is increasing its Rural Banking base, looking at the huge primary potential in the hinterland and proposes to cover 100,000 villages in the next two years. State bank of India is also focusing at the top end of the market, on the entire banking facilities to give India’s growing middle/high combined with an entire array of services and products. It is increasing its global finances operations and entering into designed products and secondary instruments. State Bank of India is the only bank of India which has been included in the list of fortune 500. It is the highest supplier of framework debt and the highest developer of external commercial borrowings in the country.

In the past two or three years, the bank has been using technology to supply new products to retail users. Also, the regulator’s stance to target on priceless transactions has led to new technologies being accepted in the payments space. Financial technology is a space which is being heavily watched by the banking industry. Many banks are now partitioning with these firms to introduce products for payments, maintenance, and loans.

State Bank Samadhaan Mobile App

State Bank of India launched on 22nd December 2015. This app is available in Google Play Store. A number of customers are increasing day by day; it became difficult for them to hold all the needs. So, they introduced the application of SBI Samadhan. The Bank is sure that every customer will suggest by utilizing the application. As it is difficult and impossible for them to hold and manage all the needs. The bank should satisfy each user personally, and sometimes there will not possibly are few busy places. In such cases, the user can access this Mobile App to need their requirements.

Users can do banking from home in place of visiting the bank. In place of standing in a queue in the bank, transactions can be done from anywhere and anytime. Employees can use this beautiful chances and can save their useful time and effort.

state bank samadhaan app


This App gives self-service to their users.  “State Bank Samadhan also bring all the details about Credit, Bank branches located nearby, Deposits, ATM area. It can be capable of guiding us how to access Net Banking and Mobile Banking. This will be soon launched in Apple App Store also. This App helps the users to enjoy the hassle-free banking at a quick and simple rate.

It is available on Android and soon be available on iOS. The app permits the users to request for bank documents like account statements and also enables them to share details via WhatsApp. Samadhan also permits users to look for other SBI branches, upload complaints and track them. The App joins a group of other SBI apps such as State Bank Anywhere and State Bank Freedom.

How Does It Work?

Recently, the app is available only for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The bank is planning to develop it for iOS customers as well. Once it is installed, you can start using the app directly. On the homepage, you will get 12 options that consist of ATM, advance, deposits, tax, and complaints. This App doesn’t permit you to do any financial transactions and can only be used to get the instruction. For instance, by clicking on the deposit option, you will be taken to a page with information about the banker’s interest rates, an FAQ section, and videos.

You can also share this detail with your contacts on WhatsApp. The App permits you to request for bank documents like account statement. Those who have housing and educational loans can ask for interest certificates. Once you send a request through the App, the documents will be sent instantly to your registered email address. You can even look for an SBI branch from the app. If you have a complaint, you can upload it to the app and track it as well.

Features Of SBI SamadhAan App

  • Enquiry: SBI Samadhaan App gives facilities to the users of state bank of India/Non Users to call particular branches/controllers for any query or problems.
  • Gives information: Utilizing this App customer can gain information about deposits, Internet banking, EMI estimation. Mobile banking, SBI branch and ATM place SBI Holidays and give direct use to different mobile App such as SBI Quick, SBI Freedom, SBI Buddy, SBI Anywhere.
  • Account statement: This is the special characteristic of the Samadhaan App. It helps any SBI user to get on-demand his statement of account. Account statements for last six months can be requested. If you have any house loan or education loan, you will get the interested certificate on housing Loan and Education Loan surely on your registered email address 24 x 7 using this app.
  • FAQs available: FAQs consist of relevant videos for deposits, Advances, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking and ATM services are featured in the application
  • Feedback and complaints: Users will be also able to complaints through this App. They can also track the status of a decision of these complaints as well. Get the toll-free number and different helpline numbers at one place.

How To Download The Application?

If you have an Android smartphone device, you can easily download and install the application on your device by visiting Google Play Store and searching the app there. Below are the processes to download SBI Samadhaan App who are using the Android phone:

Step-1: Go to Play Store and in search box search for “SBI Samadhan Online App” or “State Bank Samadhaan App” and click on enter. Then you will get the following outcomes.

Step-2: Search results will be displayed and click on the first result. Now you can see the install button there.

Step-3: Click on the install button.

Step-4: Your app will be installed in few minutes depending on the internet speed you have.

State Bank SamadhaAn App For Those Who Are Using Apple iOS

Those who are using Apple iOS can download the SBI Samadhan App in a normal process. Just click the download link and start using State Bank Samadhaan App free of cost. If you are the account holder in SBI, then it is mandatory for you have to this application on your smartphone if you wish to have a comfortable banking. Download the app right way and enjoy the numerous features of this app.

Other SBI Apps

So far, SBI launched at least six financial and non – financial App with different features.

The State Bank tools such as Buddy, SBI Anywhere and SBI Freedom allow financial transactions while tools like SBI Quick and SBI Samadhan is best for the non-financial transactions. The Anywhere Mobile App lets a customer do net banking transactions. You can transfer money, make bill payments, book a fixed deposit, and view bank account information.

State Bank Buddy is a mobile wallet, which can be used by the bank’s as well as other users. Once you download the app, you have to register and then load money into the wallet. You can then start using it to send money to those in your contact list.

The SBI Quick App has primarily missed call banking. It allows you to send messages or give missed calls with predefined keywords, to [predefined phone numbers to create banking inquiry, receiving account mini-statements, block ATM card, and also enquire about home loans. The service is presently free of charge, but available only to some of the bank’s users.

The Freedom application of State Bank permits you to have balance inquiries and fund transfer. The Secure application OTP of the bank is a unique option to get one-time password for transactions if you do not wish to get the same via SMS. This is another way to getting an OTP on the App instead of through an SMS.

By now the application offered by State Bank can be said to be the best by which you cannot only save your time but also you can may bank operations quickly and safely.  This App will run smoothly in Android version 3.0 and up. State Bank of India has introduced Samadhan App for the users who wish to use Online Banking self-service themselves and access many online activities according to your facility.